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Why Is There No Mirror Bible

Included In The Bible Versions Menu?

Some months ago, this translation was recommended by a fellow Christian - she said "why not the Mirror Bible?

Don't you have a Mirror Bible!?" When I ordered it from overseas and read some favorite chapters and verses,

they were so diluted and verses placed a lot of emphasis on us - more so than God or Jesus - 

similar to the Passion Translation in that respect but in a different way. A different flavor ice-cream, shall we say?

Each time I had "red lights" about one of these translations, The Lord led me to a Video by Mike Winger,

expressing his deep concern about them to Christians and Mike Winger really knows his Bible well.

I am placing two of his recent Videos here on this page for you all.

He is an excellent Teacher and knows the TRUE FACTS. I encourage you to hear them.

Do The Maths And See What You Think Afterwards

Not Beforehand - If It's True, Let It Stand The Test!

  Mike Specialises In Truth - Error And Heresies

 Worst Translation/ The Heretical "Mirror" Bible?!?

By Mike Winger - A Balanced Bible Teacher

The WORST Bible Translation I've Ever Seen

By Mike Winger - A Balanced Bible Teacher



Various Reviews On The Net





About as New Age as it gets in a Bible.

Bought it as a research project....

Only Selected Parts Of The New Testament For A Reason

This was recommended to me by a person filled with the presence of God. While it has some very good things to say, I would NOT recommend it because it intentionally leaves out many books of the New Testament, particularly one's that have verses pointing to Hell. A book should not have the title "Bible" when it leaves out entire portions of the New Testament. It also seems to depict a False Theology that no one is going to Hell because Christ died for everyone (even if they don't receive Him).

Genuinely Heretical Mis “Paraphrased” Verses.

This not only isn’t a translation, it’s not even a paraphrase. Crazy hidden agendas pretending to be paraphrased Scripture. The entire cosmos is the object of God’s affection! And he is not about to abandon his creation – the gift of his son is for humanity to realize their origin in him who mirrors their authentic birth – begotten not of flesh but of the Father! In this persuasion the life of the ages echoes within the individual and announces that the days of regret and sense of lost-ness are over! That’s not John 3:16. That’s propaganda.

Be Warned

This work is so far removed from what might be called “translation” that it borders on the absurd. One need not have an extensive knowledge of the original languages to see that this “translation” was published in order to promote particular theological ideas, and obscure others: It’s treatment of John 6 makes that clear. I would caution anyone who would use it to compare it carefully with other, more reliable translations: The ESV, NET, NIV, and even the NLT would, in my opinion, are very much preferable to this version, and are all very understandable and easy to read! God Bless!

This Is Not A Bible Translation.

This is a man who took his opinions and changed the Bible to say what he wants it to say. Compare this to the original Greek and Hebrew, and you find that this is nothing more than a New Age Universalist Falsification of the Christian Bible. The Gospel of Jesus is that we are sinners in need of the blood sacrifice on the Cross. The only way that we can receive God's Salvation is by Faith in this sacrifice and Repentance of our sin. That is not in this Fake Bible.

Gross Deception

This Bible is from HELL. Now I normally don't leave reviews but oh my God, this translation is Evil and reading the reviews show how LITTLE discernment ALL of you have. Reading a sample from John 6 was enough to show the perversion! Also watch Mike Winger's video on this! This Bible is NOT about man's sin and God's Plan of Redemption. This Bible is about YOU. This Bible is about SELF WORSHIP. I love the Lord truly and if you do too, then STAY AWAY from this perverted translation. 



I was very excited to see that a translation like this was available. However when I started going through it, The first thing that I noticed is that it is only portions of the New Testament. It is not a complete Bible. There is no Old Testament at all and only a few portions of the New Testament. What I did read seemed good but this is not what I was looking for so I will return it.

Not What I Expected

I thought I was getting a paraphrase of the full New Testament, not just select verses.

I Thought The Introduction Was The Best Part - Very Good

The things that did not meet my expectations were: I thought this was the complete New Testament - it is not.

Also, I did not expect such an Extreme Degree of Paraphrase. The text, although good in expressing a fresh way to consider the original meaning, takes many liberties in departing from a True Translation and exercising the freedoms inherent in a paraphrase. in order to convey Mr. Du Toit's understanding of original intent.



Wasted My Money For Half A New Testament

After attending a Woman's Conference that used this bible for reference, I decided to buy it. I'm disappointed that it's missing so many books of the Bible. It starts at John and ends with 1John! Wow really. Waste of money. I don't see how others can enjoy this. It's wrong to have a Bible missing books.

Stay Away From This "Translation"!!!

Stay away from this "translation"!!! This book is not a translation of the Bible. This book alters, distorts, and perverts the Bible. The author completely changes the gospel in order to match his own new age theology. Do not be lead astray. Go get a Bible that is translated directly from the original Greek by experts who understand how to translate Greek. If you are looking for a new age book disguised as a Bible translation that will decieve you but make you feel good, this will suit your desires. However, if you are looking to read God's word, do not go near this book!

False Gospel Bible

False bible, false gospel. Stay far away from this “translation.” It teaches a false anti-gospel and will lead you astray from the truth. Search Mike Winger on the Mirror Bible on YouTube for a detailed explanation why. Don’t let this interpretation lead you astray. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

An Anti-Bible

Sad that so many reviewers on Amazon have fallen for this. The Mirror Bible is an antithesis of the message of the Gospel, but if you want to be told you are absolutely perfect as you are, I guess this "translation" is for you. On the other hand, if you want to know The Truth, and be accepted into His presence for eternity, please study any legitimate translation of The Bible and pray for Wisdom. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will answer your prayer.

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Very bad translation. Violates Every Rule of Translating the Bible from the Original Greek (NT). False teacher. Beware!

Do NOT Buy This Book.

Please DO NOT buy this book. It is NOT a bible. It included all the feel good parts but leaves out so much. I would encourage you to instead read the Message Bible or any other version which include the WHOLE Bible.

Not A Real Translation.

Not a translation. If you love Jesus and the Bible, this is not for you. This is a heretical book. Do you homework my friends. God bless you.


This is New Age ideology disguised as Christianity. AVOID at all cost if you care for your soul!

Dangerous Anti-Gospel Teaching.

Francois du Toit has actually written a 'translation' (more of a paraphrase that butchers the original text) to support his theology (which is that you do not need to repent but only realise you are already like God - or you are God if you really understand his agenda). Saddened as Francois seems like a great guy who is simply very deceived and is now deceiving others.

No Bible Like It Ever!

After reading it in it’s entirety it WAS NOT really a Bible at all just a paraphrase of Francois’s experiences. Some parts are beautiful, however, his theology of ALL ARE SAVED IS HERETICAL. We all MUST CHOOSE CHRIST TO BE SAVED!

The Worst “Translation” Encountered

The most poorly translated bible I have encountered. This bible has been engineered away from Gods Word towards a humanist new age theology baring no resemblance to the original Greek. This version could best be classified as a work of fiction.


One Star, and Here is Why.....

Lets clarify a couple things before I start, lest someone dismisses me as a Bible Thumping legalist. I am a Jesus lover, and a New Covenant believer. I love grace. Am enraptured by it. And I am a stronger believer in "Christ in me" and living by that indwelling life. Jesus is EVERYTHING, the Incarnate Word. And in that, I heartily agree with the author of this book.

But here are the reasons why I could not recommend this to anyone, and is in fact, the very first book I have returned back to Amazon.

1) It's falsely named, falsely advertised. I was expecting a Bible, expounded in the Greek, or at least a New Testament. But it's not even a complete NT. It's missing the gospels, except for the 1st chapter of John. And it's missing some of the Epistles. For some reason he stops paraphrasing and translating after the 1st Chapter of 1st John. I recognize that the author does state in intro to the book that this is not a Bible, but a commentary, but it's not named or advertised as such.

2) The author paraphrases scripture through the lens of his own agenda. Don't get me wrong. I love the "agenda" of grace. But to twist things around to fit that agenda? I wouldn't read a John MacArthur study Bible for that reason either? Who would want a Bible specifically bent to fit the Calvinist agenda, other than Calvinists?

3) Du Toit is ONE man. And while a learned one, he is still just ONE man. The beauty of other translations is that it is translated via a team of people, as many as hundreds of people. Why? Checks and balances. It's not one man's interpretation. It's a team of people desiring to put together a faithful translation of the text.

4) He is a Universalist and interprets the Scripture through that lens. I honestly think this is the reason why he excludes the gospels, and why he doesn't include all of 1st John. Probably because he can't interpret through the universalist lens all the scripture in the gospel of John that says that in order for us to receive life, we must believe in Him. And why he stops before 1st John, to avoid addressing the heresy of Gnosticism which he is close to teaching.

For the reasons stated, I cannot recommend this "Bible", as either a Bible or a Commentary.

Some Verses Well Done But…..

Unfortunately, although much of the contextual paraphrase (rather than an actual translation - admittedly by the author, which normally wouldn't be a problem or big deal) is fairly well done, some actually beautifully well done, in conveying the truth and limitlessness of God's amazing love for mankind... the author is of the Universalist doctrine, which is essentially the belief that everyone is already saved, although they may not know it yet, and so there will be no hell, and no judgment for the lost, or the devil, fallen angels/demons, sin is not a factor, etc. which almost negates the reason for Christ dying on the cross, if you really think about it. If that were the case, why did Christ have to suffer and die to save us, then? And why do we even have to live a life in a fallen world and bear the consequences of sin? There are some big doctrinal holes left unfilled in that theological hypothesis that are not supported in the original languages, manuscripts, or even what some might refer to as the best or most accurate translations.

This Is Not A Translation

it is a total perversion. Not only is it anti-gospel, it is anti-Christ. The author is a new age mystic who is trying to find peace in denying the reality of sin altogether, as if sin is just a delusion of the mind and not a deeply ingrained spiritual problem that is inherent in our fallen nature. So many people out there struggle and suffer in their battle with sin, and this so called author has tried to destroy the only true hope any of us have of overcoming sin, by faith alone in Christ alone. The author of this book is subjecting himself to the undiluted full measure of the Wrath of God for all of eternity, and anyone who buys his book only fuels in the damnation, 2nd John 1:11 (KJV), "For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker in his evil deeds." and Revelation 22:18-19, "If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life".

To give an example of his blasphemy which I got from a free online critique, John 1:13 (mirror bible), "These (the saved supposedly) are the ones who discover their genesis in God, beyond their natural conception! This is not about our blood lineage or whether we were wanted- or unwanted-child; this is about our God-begotteness. We are his dream come true and not the invention of our parents. You are indeed the greatest idea God has ever had!"

Obviously deifying sinful mankind, denying sin altogether, denying the power of God to save through Christ, while also creating a completely antithetical false gospel of self-praise instead of self-discipline. This isn't just heretical, it's demonic. Be warned.

Blatantly Heretical. If You Love God's Word, You Would Never Read This.

While masquerading as a new and faithful translation of God's word, this work intends to fundamentally alter the truth of God's word and place man on the same footing as God himself. Key passages which distinguish the sinfulness and depravity of man are fundamentally altered. The new message is that you are not fundamentally flawed. You're actually the same as Jesus, but you just haven't realized it yet. This blatantly contradicts the plain meaning of the original Greek in the New Testament. The "original Greek" that Du Toit claims to understand is absurd from the standpoint of a translator. Du Toit attempts to circumvent the true meaning of words by pursuing etymological rabbit holes. A first year Greek student could immediately tell you that Du Toit's analysis is unhelpful, unscholarly, and quite frankly, completely bogus. Du Toit has a theology that he wants you to believe - that you and God are really the same - and this "translation" only serves to further this agenda.

An Agenda With False Representations

Just judging by the verses I saw quoted on the website, the translation is inaccurate, and is unrecognizable as even being the Bible. If you would like to read the original Hebrew, transliterated into English, you should go to You'll see there that this translation is off the mark in a lot of ways, and you, by reading that, could probably do  better  work at translating the Bible yourself.

It has an agenda, and it's more of a new age work, paraphrasing the Bible in an English that is foreign to the original text, and it kind of smacks of Orwell's satire in his Essay on Politics in the English Language. The part where Ecclesiastes gets translated into modern English. I think this text could almost be satirical in that front, that it is ambiguous, and the language is esoteric. The King James translation and the Geneva translation are among the most faithful translations for individuals wanting a good translation of the Bible, or The New American Standard Bible is a good word for word translation that attempts to be faithful to the original. But this, just about any translation you would pick up at the store is a better one. Even the NRSV, which is among the worst translations out there.


Do Yourself A Favor And Go Buy A Real Bible Translation And Not Some

Phoney Translation Like The Mirror Bible That It Is Obviously.

Do not be deceived by this book that is called a "Bible" because I can assure you that it is the farthest thing from the Bible imaginable. All this Bible does is paraphrase and Sugarcoat the Actual Word of God, and removes very Important Scriptures regarding sin, and Salvation. There have been instances where churches who have used this book have been torn apart and divided because of this book. This book is not I repeat not the Inspired Word Of God it is nothing but the inspired word of man! Do yourself a favor and go buy a Real Bible Translation and not some phoney translation like the Mirror Bible that is obviously promoting Hell, not God.

It's All About Churches And Movements Trying To "Reinvent" Christianity These Days!

In short, the Mirror Bible is not a proper Bible and to the extent it pretends to be. It is a pseudo spiritual and inaccurate piece of junk of no value to anyone except the Enemy in his efforts to prevent God's people from understanding God's Word and the financial interests of the publisher and supposed translator. It is a sickening specimen of deception read by those deceived.

It definitely does not meet the standard. It is a bad paraphrase that deviates, often wildly, from the Original Greek and is more designed to communicate the translator's sermons than communicate the actual original meaning of

the text.


A Desecration of Scripture!

Obvious eisegesis. No different than any modern paraphrase that focuses on one specific topic rather than Faithfulness to Scripture.

Eisegesis is best understood when contrasted with exegesis.

Exegesis is drawing out text's meaning in accordance with the author's context.

Eisegesis is the process of interpreting text in such a way as to introduce one's own presuppositions,

agendas or biases. It is commonly referred to as reading into the text.

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