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Biblical Christian Guided Meditations

By Beatrix Von Watzdorf

Some of these Videos are presented with Lovely Scenery for pleasant thoughts and some Assuring Scriptures.

I discovered them this week and thought I would add them to one of my websites for you.

Expecting they will bring some Hope and Trust and Comfort to many of God's Children in these stressful times.

There are quite a few of them, so you can select which one is appropriate or different ones at different times.


Let Go and Trust God

10 Minutes

Heal Me, Oh Lord: A Prayer for Healing

8 Minutes

Your Will Be Done - Surrender to God's Best

15 Minutes

Feel God's Love

12 Minutes

Guided Meditation for Anxiety

25 Minutes

Think Better and Feel Better

10 Minutes

Thankfulness, Trust and Hope

15 Minutes

Bless Me, God, as I Rest in You

15 Minutes

Sleep in Peace

58 Minutes

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