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About Your Walk With Jesus

So Often someone finds Jesus and commits their life to Him and grows spiritually for a while, then it seems to fade out

somewhat, due to the distractions of life, family or friends, work or even church-life (believe it or not) depending on how

spiritual their place of Fellowship is. And very often someone "became a Christian" in a Social Gospel environment that doesn't

truly present Jesus in the way He likes to be - they leave out Repentance and the Joy of Forgiveness.

They are cheating you, if that is the case, and giving you a faulty foundation to start your Christian Life with.

In fact, many who found Jesus at a Social Gospel Service have not experienced New Birth and still need a Personal Encounter

with Jesus. If you found Jesus in a Religious Church Setting, the same can be true. I wish you all well.

On this Page, there are 2 Checklists with important questions that help to establish what your Foundation is and 3 Checklists

that help each person determine how strong their Walk with Jesus is and also their influence as a Christian in the lives of others or 

one-off personal interaction. 

This Page will also give you a picture view of different ways and areas we can all grow and develop.

Don't expect too much of yourself too quickly. The Pages in this Web-Menu are meant to help us,not hinder. 

I have included some inspiring Tips From Believers on this page to Enjoy!

This Page is for those who consider themselves to be spiritual - we're all in this together if we love Jesus.

It will help to give you an overview of your Christian Life.

You are welcome to Print this Page and tick each item that applies

or give a 1 to 5 rating (to some of them and check your progress at a later date

or periodically. Feel free to make choices on this website.

Where the Spirit of The Lord is there is liberty.

Which Gospel Did You Find Jesus Through?

Select 1 or 2 of These.

___Jesus As Lord And Savior.

___Social Gospel Church Service.

___An Evangelistic Outreach.

___Saved Through His Precious Blood.

___A Personal Encounter With Jesus.

___A TV Program or Christian Book.

___In A Religious Church Setting.

___When Reading A Bible On My Own.

Which Of These Have You Experienced?

Select Ones That Relate.

___The Fruit Of The Spirit.

___The Gifts Of The Spirit.

___Functioning In My Calling.

___Discovering Giftings Jesus Gave Me.

___Someone Said They Would Like To Be Saved.

___Someone Said They Could Sense His Presence.

___Someone Said They Enjoyed Speaking With Me.

___Someone Said I Made A Difference To Their Day?

Tips From Believers. See If These Inspire You 

And What Comes To Mind?

Jesus Loves Me More Than I Love Him.

He Lives For Me, I Live For Him.

Holiness Means, I Don't Do Or Say Things Jesus Would Not.

Try Not To Mix Religion With Jesus.

Keep Simplicity In Your Walk With Jesus.

Church Attendance Or Beliefs Should Not Be More Important

Than Our Personal Connection With JESUS.

Gospel Means GOOD NEWS: People Will Believe It Better If We Live It.

David Encouraged Himself In The Lord.

Don't Pay For Blessings - Trust Him Instead!

How Strong Is Your Walk?

Of Whose Making Should I Be?

Select 1 or 2 of These

___My Parent's Making

___The Preacher's Making

___Jesus' Making

___My Making

___TV Preaching and Books

___Led By His Word And His Spirit

Which Reflection Do People See In Me?

Select 1 or 2 of These.

___My Church Attendance

___My Religious Affiliations

___Jesus In My Heart And Life

___Cheerful And Pleasant

___Gracious And Assuring

___I Don't Always Live The Life

Who Is The Best Example To Me?

Select 1 or 2 of These.

___My Parents / Grandparents.

___Other Family Member.

___A Pastor Who Lives What He Preaches.

___Jesus Really Is My Best Example.

___My Children - A Child.

___A Godly Christian Friend.

© A Very Strict Copyright Applies To This Page. Website Owners And Leaders, Ask For Your Own Inspirations.

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