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Televangelists Causing Confusion

I Wish To Clear Some Confusion For You That Televangelists May Have Caused With Their

"All Manner Of Enticements"........Scriptures In True Contexts Do Not Back Them Up

And The Apostle Paul, In Fact, Cautions Us About Them - Giving Us Wise Counsel.

You Are Allowed To Have Questions When Your Spirit Is Not Comfortable With "Servants Of God" 

(Something Doesn't Sit Right With You).

Not Scriptural!  

(Deliberately Quoting Out Of Context)

Some Preachers on Christian TV are causing confusion in the hearts and minds of God's children and they also bring

the Gospel into disrepute to those in the world. Especially when it comes to money - they air their shame for all to see.

Friends, some preachers are unrepentant sinners, Jesus spoke of before they ever preached a word and you need to be aware of these

things. Because they preach over a platform does not mean God commissioned them. Please find out the difference.

Yes they unsettle the minds of many well meaning believers who watch them in innocence and think "that must be right because 

they're preachers of the Gospel" so to speak. What gospel? It is written that "God hates mixture".....and....."He is not a God of confusion". 

My brother and sister in Christ, if their words are causing confusion in your heart and unsettling your mind:


Now, sorry to say, the Jesus of the Bible had a name for this kind of preacher (no matter who they are) He called them "Hirelings" other words, they do not

do God's bidding, they do the enemy's bidding because he comes to "kill your sensitivity to God's voice and your faith, to steal money from your purse and bank account, and destroy your health, joy and peace" (paraphrased) but "Jesus did come to shepherd us and give us life abundantly, that is more fully, so we're living in Joy, Health, Peace and Purpose" (paraphrased) so His Life is reflected in us and we are Light to those around us - they need to see what He is really like. That's why the apostle Paul

said that "we are living letters".

Now how can others around us see Him clearly if we are confused and unsettled; if our vision of Him is dim; if we are mistaken about the type of "abundant life" Jesus

came to give us? No, He does not want us to be burdened with the cares of this world; in debt or lacking any good thing. But some preachers (televangelists in particular)

twist that and distort your impression of what it's all about.

They appeal to our innocence and they appeal to our greed (whatever disposition you have). Mind you, they can even change your innocence to greed if you listen to them long enough - you will think "this is right because look what God has done for them and I'm tired of living in debt/lack, I will do this way. They know what they're talking about". And so they give you those shopping lists of what you will get from God if you give Him X amount of Dollars! 

Yes unashamedly, they will tell you to give certain figure......say 100s.....even a 1,000 or more......if you want this, that and that from God - 

they will tell you that the Spirit of God told them to tell you - and you feel compelled to give. Kind of like an investment where God's Hand will be moved

towards you because you did/paid this and this - because sometimes you are moved (in your senses) to respond to more than one appeal.

Make Sure You Are Aware

Of These Things

Some Televangelists give multi-appeals to suit your pocket and desires like

"give this if you want this or that if you want that" and you try it like a lucky-dip to

see if it works for you......and......if it does'nt, you can end up disappointed with God

(because He did not perform, He did not back up their enticements). 

Sometimes you find yourself lacking more because you gave so much. 

Without shame, some of them will even say to give if you have debts to "get out of debt". The classic of all time is


And it does not stop there. Some will tell you to "bring it to the altar".

You may have seen one of those programs where they are presenting Jewish Celebrations - certain Feast Days and that

 "The Lord is restoring them to His Church".

Some are quite genuine about this message like Larry Huch who will invite you,

without pressure, to make an offering of a modest amount and he also

sends you a lovely gift and set of DVDs explaining and describing the wonderful

blessings of Healing, Protection and Bounty God promised Israel each

Feast Day - and He always honored them.

It's really quite enlightening, when you see all the things specifically that He

promised Israel in His Covenant with them. You get a picture of how He wants us

to live in JESUS......Hebrews states that "they were types and shadows of what was coming" in our day.



New Testament says that "he who keeps certain days does so to The Lord and

he who believes all days are the same does so to The Lord".

Now, some Christians feel that they can appropriate God's Blessings better if they

keep those Feast Days: appropriating the blessings of The Lord.

But there is no law or instruction in scripture to do this. Read Heb ____

But the thing is that some Televangelists and Pastors will compel you to keep

these Feast Days......that "we must return to our Jewish Roots" that Jesus was Jewish and that is true. 

Some of His sayings - especially in parables - make more sense in the light of Jewish customs 

(when He spoke them) and when we know those customs we understand the words of The Lord in a clearer way......

they become more meaningful. Sometimes it makes the content in scripture so much richer.

So in that sense, it is good to "return to our Jewish Roots" as they call it.

For those who decide to do this, be careful not to be bound to the Law.

New Testament Scripture is very clear on this. The writer of Hebrews says:

and do be careful as to what source of teaching you have on this – whose ministry

you are influenced by, because there is the pure-stream and the polluted-stream

of reckless televangelists with endless appeals where your pain is their gain.

If the Bible was written in this day and age they would be called charlatons!

Because they actually use God's name in Vain to fleece the sheep and build their

mansions etc however much they accumulate.

Input From 3 Christian Writers

And Scripture Speaks Clearly About This. It Says:

Children ought not to lay up (provide for) their parents. A true shepherd in Christ would not encourage it. And it also distinctly says 

“not to lay up riches for yourselves on earth”

“If you are a friend of money, you are an enemy with God”. Make no mistake about it, there are a number of rebukes in His Word that ought to be heard 

about this kind of preachers. Jesus also called them wolves amongst the flock. Unfortunately it is necessary to tell you these things.

"Why Are There So Many Televangelist Scandals?"

An excerpt from GotQuestions.Org

Answer: The term “televangelist” has almost universally negative overtones. Typical responses from people who are asked what they think about televangelists include the following: dishonest, greedy, materialistic, wasteful, and scandalous. The sight of televangelists wearing overly expensive clothing and jewelry, living in ridiculously expensive homes, and driving the most luxurious of cars, has caused many people to turn away from faith in Christ. Even non-Christians can discern that the teachings and lifestyles of most televangelists are antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The core cause of many televangelist scandals is the belief commonly known as the health-wealth gospel. Televangelists are the primary propagators of the idea that it is always God’s will for all Christians to be perfectly healthy and financially wealthy. The essential message of the health-wealth gospel is that if you give money, God is obligated to bless you with health and wealth. If you give money, but are not blessed with health and wealth, you either did not give enough money, or do not have enough faith to truly receive the blessing. In this, health-wealth televangelists encourage people to give large sums of money, while preemptively explaining why the people are not blessed with health and wealth as they were promised.

The Problem With Infomercials, Televangelists and Mechanics

From Luke1428.Com

“For there are many insubordinate, both idle talkers and deceivers…whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole households, teaching things 

which they ought not, for the sake of dishonest gain.” – Titus 1:10-11

“Just five minutes a day and you can have rock solid abs like this. All it takes is three easy payments of $29.99!” blared the infomercial,

 waking me from my late-night, post-baseball dozing…….

Maybe it worked for you. It did nothing for me except hurt my back.

We’ve all been taken or at least felt taken by someone. Like the mechanic who expertly claims the car repair will require a new Johnson rod. Or the televangelist

 who promises your $100 donation will go to feed orphan children in Romania (when in reality it pays his six-figure salary). And the aforementioned infomercial, 

promising instant results with so little effort.

Like what was happening to Titus, a leader in the early church. His mentor, the missionary Paul, warned him about people – within the church no less – 

who were teaching incorrect doctrine for their own personal gain. We might expect something like that from a crooked financial adviser. 

But can you believe that was actually happening in a spiritual setting?

There’s an old Russian proverb “Trust but Verify”. We need to start Testing.

Even though the words being spoken into our ear seem accurate and reliable, it remains our responsibility to verify their precision and trustworthiness.

 Failing in this regard leaves us vulnerable to deception, openly naïve and far too trusting.

The message today should be clear…be guarded (even and maybe especially with your money).

Just don’t give your complete trust away so easily. Make others earn it through their consistent actions.


Recovering from Abusive Religion

By Kenneth D. Johns

Consider some of the methods employed in recent years by some Televangelists to create Cash-Flow.

They say something like: “Two thousand years ago, God sowed a seed at Calvary that produced a Supernatural Harvest. Ever since, people have been Sowing Seeds with God for their own Supernatural Harvest. If you sow your seed today, your most generous seed, God will give you a supernatural harvest. Your harvest will be everything you have ever wanted: Salvation for loved ones, Financial success, Perfect health, miraculous success in business and career. 

Sow your very Best Seed today. Join God and you can have it all. God has a miracle for you now – a Supernatural Harvest!”

Kenneth has years of Pentecostal background and has seen the good and the not so good.

He was brought up with the fear of The Lord and has seen a lot of changes through the years. He shares his genuine concerns with us and words of wisdom.

I have given you mine. Please be advised, and test those who say they are prophets. There is much attraction to the prophetic. 

I love the Voice and Heart of God......when "prophets" don't carry them, it can be a dangerous thing, spiritually and sometimes financially - they can have


Sometimes you can find out their agendas when it is too late!

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