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Inspired In Christ

Special Audio Talks

Do You Have Questions About Your Faith

Which Are Important To You?

Are You Confused or Disturbed About Something?

Do You Like To Search The Scriptures

For True Facts And Accurate Teaching?

Are You Passionate About Scripture Interpreting Itself?

Are You Interested In Hearing Two Capable Brothers

Bring Out Some Real Gems From Scripture

That Christian Theologians Often Miss?

If You Can Relate With Any Of The Above

Please Watch The Sub-Pages Of This Menu Grow

And Come And Listen To These Audios

In Sets Of 3 Or 4 Per Page You Click On.



Let Rick and Jonathan bless you with their Refreshing New Approach to Scripture.

Looking at Scriptures in their true context so we can see clearly what they're about and when they're


Are you concerned with things that cause you confusion? Let Rick and Jonathan give you the 

Clear Facts and settle your heart and mind, so you can spend your energy on things that are truly 

Spiritual and your relationship with God. 

Scripture Researchers with a Mission, they take a different approach to Theology, thoroughly 

searching the Scriptures, they address important things often neglected by Preachers so often Today.

They challenge a few Traditional Teachings, which have been carried on through the Church

for sometime that are not based on an accurate Interpretation of Scripture.

They're happy to share practical things pertaining to Daily Christian Living plus tackling some

hard to understand Scriptures. 

It's obvious that Rick and Jonathan love Jesus wholeheartedly and they are sold out to this Mission, 

building up the Body of Christ, blessing hearts and lives.

Come with them them as they Research various Scriptures and their True Meaning.

They also investigate difficult passages of Scripture and complex issues.

Craftsmen with His Training after His Heart.

They have several ways of working with Scripture including but not limited to Church History,

Customs in Bible Times, Original Greek and Hebrew. Gifted and Called by Jesus as True Teachers

to do these things, they have a really keen Insight into Scripture Itself and a God-Given Grasp of

those things they share with us in a timely manner.

Yes, you will find they are very good at unravelling things as they Look Into them in Detail.

In addition to all this, they share some beautiful Gems in Christian Living and Precious Secrets

The Lord has revealed to them in Scripture-Itself come to Light. They will bless you immensely!

Make many Surprising Discoveries here in this Menu.

Let's Go!

Current Sub-Pages Are: 

How does Faith Work? How to be Inspirational, The Words we Speak, Help with Faith and Doubts,

More Secrets on Prayer, Is Tithing for Christians? Questionable Preachers, Surprising Truth about Tithes,

Truths about Hell and Sheol, Gospel or Fear Mongering?

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