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Inspired In Christ

Living In Victory

In the SubPages of this Menu, you will find some really good Tips of Living in the Victory

and how to maintain that. Many Christians hear the term "Victory" being used but are a little confused

as to what it's really all about. In fact, some Preachers miss some of these Facets and Principles.

The wonderful thing here is, you don't have to be a spiritual giant to practice these.

See what a difference they make hey?


Real Victory Songs

Sometimes we lack insights on what Victory in Jesus is all about.

Each of these Songs will give you a sense of things that really do make for True Victory

you may not have been aware of.

Bringing God into the Negative

Has anything negative happened to you recently? Things do. Because the Lord Himself said, 

“In this world you will have troubles.” But He said, “Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.” 

Find ways to Overcome like Jesus!

Some Tactics To Watch Out For

When some of us read in Scripture ”not to be ignorant of the enemy’s devices” they’re mostly patterned around 

the sin-nature that Adam and Eve passed on to us and insecurities that went along with it (those things 

that bring discomfort, disharmony and distress).

Knowing Your Enemy – Knowing Your God

The Lord is your Strength and Fortress. Even if our enemy is referred to as the Prince of the Power of the Air 

and his cohorts magnify themselves against us with pride and deception – saying “what can your God do now?” 

He will humble them and bring all their works to nothing. 

A Step Of Faith Can Change Your Situation

Yes, if you take a step in the right direction, Jesus can change your situation

and replace it with a Testimony. You must be decided,

when you look to The Lord for Answered Prayers – no looking back. Don’t settle for the status quo in life –

when He called you to an Abundant Life. Find out what that abundance is.

Building Confidence in God

Confidence is about a person, it’s always about a person – not a theory or a technique.

So build your confidence around the Person of God. Spend time in His Presence. This is the way we come to know Him.

Acquaint yourself with Scriptures that speak of His Goodness, His Grace and Kindness.

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