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Scriptures Etc

See What You Find

I am delighted to bring to you all these pages with Scriptures Studies

I have written with the assistance of 

Various Translations Pages and Special Software Pages.

I have made it possible for You to have Access to these Software Programs in this Menu.

Various Translations in RESOURCES Menu and Simple Inspirational Verses in PICTURE VERSES Menu.

Many of you will benefit from these Pages!

Through the years, I have been blessed to have a Paraphrased New Testament

with 4 translations

and 26 Translation Bible, with the best translations for each verse

and an Expanded Strongs Concordance

that has a special number reference for every word/verse in the Bible

whereby you can see all the original Greek and Hebrew Meanings.

In recent years, I have also been blessed with discovering

a few special Bible Websites and Bible Software Programs

that are designed to give you some really good ways and resources

to get the most you can from The Lord's Word.

Not to mention how the Holy Spirit can use these wonderful study materials.

Because the vision for this website is wider than it was previously, 

it is my intention to bring all these wonderful resources to you, so you too, can make

lots of wonderful scripture discoveries in HIS WORD and it could be

that you would like to make some kind of Bible Study Method for yourself that is

Taylor Suited to You in addition to OR in place of other Bible Studies.

Mine has become quite Flexible and Vibrant - I really like things this way.

"Blessings To You!"

What My Readers Are Saying

I didn't know these bible translations. Different versions mean more to some of us

and I enjoyed reading these. They remind me to see myself in His likeness and not to be conformed to society around me. This was a good experience. You have carried out things very well. I like the way you do your websites!

Amoy from Jamaica

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