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Lets Be Overcomers - Prayer Guidelines

This is from my IN JESUS FREE website based on Jesus’ guidelines to prayer,

known as The Lord’s Prayer. It's completely different when you take each line as a guideline.

For many years I almost dismissed it as religious. Something you do if you’re Catholic maybe – but these words are actually quite powerful.

Everyone has a weakness of some kind. Even the patriots we acclaim like David and Abraham did things that were astonishing. David was “a man after God’s heart” and Abraham was “the friend of God” but they were still tempted and they displeased God on a few occasions.

The apostles Peter and John displeased The Lord also on occasions

mentioned in scripture. So the disciples did the smart thing and

asked JESUS how to pray!

That’s why John later wrote “he who says he does not sin is a liar and the truth is not in him”. Jesus said in defense of a woman “let him who is without sin cast the first stone” and they all went away. Jesus is the only one without sin and “He was tempted just like we are” but He overcame it and He will teach us how too. “we all have His treasure in earthen vessels”. He has made us and “He knows our frame”.

He made us perfect but sin was passed down to us by our fore parents, Adam and Eve. That’s why Jesus is referred to in scripture as the Second Adam because He restores God’s nature to us and shows us the way to overcome sin.

But this is the last thing we think of often, to ask Him to do. And when the disciples asked Him how to pray, The Lord included in those guidelines, to ask Him to “keep us from temptation and the power of the evil one” so He knew the importance of these things – He did not want us to wander into them but to pray for alertness and protection.

Scripture speaks about making The Lord our Refuge – not just assuming it would be there on auto-pilot or something. We need to be wise with our expectations – to pray first and then expect Him to guide, to move and protect.

James said “to ask for wisdom and He will give it to us”. There is much wisdom in the guidelines Jesus gave us to pray.

He gave us a picture of starting a prayer time hallowing our Father – that is relating closely with Him in praise and it ends with ascribing Glory to Him. Immediately after asking Him to help us overcome the evil one, your Focus is turned immediately to His Glory, His Power, His Position over anything we could encounter.

How many of us ask for His Kingdom to come in our lives and welcome His Will and Plans for our lives? How many of us ask for our Daily Bread – natural and spiritual provision? “we have not because we ask not” ……or……”we ask amiss”. Jesus said we fuss and worry instead, when He said “not to be anxious about anything”.

In the guidelines, He also said to ask Him for the ability to forgive because He knows that offenses are the most powerful weapons against us often and unforgiveness “hinders our prayers” so He included that as well. A perfect set of guidelines for prayer – yet how many of us include one or two of them each day? He knew those things we need most to pray with our Father.

Yes, a perfect recipe for Overcoming in life!

How many of us come into His Presence with praise and thanksgiving and a Father consciousness? How many are focused on His Kingdom and Plans for us?

How many of us are aware of the heavenly invitation to ask Him for blessings – natural and spiritual? How many prioritize on prayers and end them with exaltation giving them precedence in our day? Imagine the difference it would make?

Yes, I am directing you to The Lord’s guidelines for our prayers. These are the ones He gave to Peter, James and John……… What does forgiveness have to do with overcoming? It has everything to do with it. And how we handle temptation will make all the difference. Having an intimate relationship with our Father like Jesus did.

Keeping our thoughts Kingdom focused and centered on the Goodness of His Will.

Asking for our Daily Bread (in a balanced way) instead of being anxious.

How about coming into His Presence with praise each day and conclude our prayers on a positive note, giving Him the Glory for who He is and those things He will do when presented rightly and committed to Him? It does make a difference!

Why not start Today - even if it is one guideline each day for a week or everyday for a week each?

Then you can think about each Guideline and make it a meditation

or say to yourself "This week, I am going to work at this one."

And they don't have to be in the same order (religiously).

Jesus showed us the right things to address in prayer we often neglect, hey?

And He also gave us insight into His Prayer-Life

knowing what we would need to pray about the most

and what pleases our Father in Heaven because He was

so intimately acquainted with Him.





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