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Inspired In Christ

Knowing Your Enemy – 

Knowing Your God

The Lord is your Strength and Fortress. Even if our enemy is referred to as the Prince of the Power of the Air and his cohorts magnify themselves against us with pride and deception – saying “what can your God do now?” He will humble them and bring all their works to nothing. Yes He will shame them and dash their prefabricated works to pieces. As you trust in Him steadfastly, your Faith shall remain intact, unshaken. You will look with satisfaction on your enemies seeing His promise of recompense come true for you.

Yes, when you remain focused on your God, your Rock, He becomes your Salvation in any situation and your Vindication comes forth as the Mid-day Sun, because you trust in Him. Therefore I say to my soul, I will Triumph over my foes and Rejoice in You – Yes Freedom shall Prevail for me and I will see my Victories. That’s why it is written, that He is present in any situation to help, He is my joyful expectation and my soul trusts in Him. So wait for Him in quietness and confidence – this is my strength, my hope, my trust at all times.

Our enemies have not changed their tactics since Old Testament times. They still work with distraction or distress to take your eyes off God – you are so busy or disturbed. In fact, we become so preoccupied with our activities or “our problems” that we lose sight of our mission in God – influencing others with Life-style Evangelism (living a victorious life in Christ) and caring for those around us, that we fail to be effective in our witness (making a difference in their lives because they are drawn to Him through us).

First thing I must tell you is, things we experience are not our problems (when we belong to Him) they are His to work out. Don’t own them – that is to really take them on board, when we take ownership of them, so to speak. IE “oh my indigestion” or “my asthma”……….”no-one knows the trouble I’ve seen”……….“my problem is so Big”………”they have not had a life like mine”……….”no-one cares about my problem” etc Those things really set you up for defeat – our enemies can play on us by magnifying them.

When we become distressed or obsessed with a situation or problems it turns into a story, you know? And then we tend to lose interest in others around us. Of-course, that is the whole point of the exercise, as far as our enemies are concerned. Ever been so concerned about your story that you have little or no time for someone else’s?

Mind you, there can be someone’s story in your family or among your friends that can take a lot of energy (mental or emotional real-estate). This can be draining you physically and/or spiritually.

Sometimes this can go on for months or years with a particular person – often due to poor choices you have little say in or persuasion. Often we can see someone’s situation clearer than our own but our perception or advice is not welcome and we see them go through it for months or even years.

That has to affect us somehow if we don’t know how to separate ourselves. That is a more subtle way of occupying our “Spiritual Space” that is meant for God and others. And enjoying the Abundant Life Jesus came to give us (living life fully). So there are 3 Ways our enemies can keep us out of the “Great Commission” that is to keep us distracted with things that appeal to us (one after the other)…….to bring upsetting circumstances our way……or to weigh us down with someone elses…….so we have little peace or interest to seek The Lord……or care and motivation for others. I mean to say, one of these 3 things just takes so much of our time, hey?

Looking back over some years has brought these observations to me.

We are told in His Word to be Vigilant and Alert, concerning the works of the enemy, are we not? 

And half the time – apart from the obvious – most Christians do not know what they’re looking for!

I have brought the less obvious purpose and tactics of the enemy’s co-workers to your attention, so you can seek God 

and know what to watch for, so you can live a life in the Presence and Purpose of God our Lord and Savior!

It is important with all this, to keep the emphasis right there – on God our Lord and Savior.

He does’nt want you to be enemy minded and focused but God minded and focused.

The essential thing here is to “know your enemy AND your God even better”

That’s the BALANCE!

“The beginning of wisdom is, Get wisdom; and with all your getting get understanding” (Prov 4:7).

Yes, that is the counsel of The Lord to us. We are told to “be wiser than serpents” that is to be wiser than our enemies and the things of the world. This includes the News program you watch every night – you would do far better to be soaking yourself in the Good News. That is strengthening your faith in His Word rather than breaking it down with the devil’s news – those things are guaranteed to weaken or compromise your FAITH IN GOD. 

Truly, why don’t you serve The News program and Soapys notice and invest that time in God?



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