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Inspired In Christ

Meditations for Living

Here are some meditations

based on scriptures.....some with different translations......

and paraphrased as I feel inspired.

I trust they bring you much Blessing.

The Hope of the righteous brings JOY.....I know the Plans I have for you, to give you a future and a Hope.....the Blessing of The Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow......Light is sown for the righteous and Joy for the upright in heart......all these were experienced before Jesus came. So they should be expected in a believer's life, because we are promised even better (in Hebrews) we should not settle for less. We should be careful what gear our believing is in......are we in drive or stationary, reverse, neutral? God's Promises are activated when we expect them - Faith is a Verb, it's 'activated trust'. God gave Israel promises to activate with Praise and Rejoicing at numerous Feast Days through the year (on a constant basis). Each feast day, they knew they were covered with the Goodness and Acts of Kindness of a Benevolent God. The difference between them and us is they KNEW what to EXPECT - because they were His People. They were in Covenant with Him - this was very Real to them, more so than the Christian - we can be so negative.

They were taught right what to expect - they believed in the Goodness and Favor of God.

So should we, YES ALWAYS - on a constant basis like they did, because ALL the

Promises of God are YES and AMEN......they always have God's "Yes" but they don't

always have our "Amen" ......that is our Agreement and Expectation, not just

an ending to a prayer.

PS 104.34 My meditation of Him shall be sweet. I will be glad in The for me, I will Rejoice in The Lord.....let my Praise be pleasing to Him, I will rejoice in Adonai.....I trust my thoughts will please You because You are the One who makes me Glad.....May my thoughts be pleasing to Him, I will find my Joy in The speech be mirth to Him, for I shall delight in The Lord.....sweet is my meditation of Him, I do rejoice in The Lord. Let your meditation be sweet to Him. Yes Rejoice in The Lord (various translations). How often do we think a negative report of Him or our brother and sister? How often do we fail to rejoice and be glad? Do we know that we can bring Joy and Pleasure to the Heart of God? It would be Praise to dwell on the Goodness of God and speak of His Loving Kindness every day. To him who orders his conversation aright, I will show the Salvation of God - Yes, and this starts with meditations - the sweeter they are, the more productive and pleasing our words will be.

This is conversation that invites the Presence of God.

Therefore with JOY I will draw from the Well of Salvation and SAY Praise The Lord.

Let the redeemed Say So!

Our Father, hallowed be Your Name, Your Glory we proclaim. Be glorified in our hearts and lives each one, through the works of the Son. He is Victorious, He died and Rose for us. Wrapped in a Glory cloud, He ascended on high to be by Your side. He is Reigning now Today, He has triumphed, give Him PRAISE. Glory be to the Ancient of Days, now and Forever You're always the Same. Be manifest in our hearts and lives - this is in receiving, we don't have to strive. Blessings are ours we don't have to pay. Your benevolent nature is always the same. Freely You give, may our hearts live! Beauty for ashes, yes You impart gladness. You build up the good things in our lives, we give you the others that make us sigh.

Things given to You can be transformed into blessings, we are no longer forlorn. Be glorified in us - for this we were born. Heavenly Blessings are on their way, plenteous to those who believe and say....I have a Good God, freely He gives. Rise to the occasion - oh let your hearts Live!


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