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Prayers Of Courage In Stressful Times

Psalm 13 and 29 and 31

Janet's Translation Paraphrases

Psalm 13

A Prayer for the Lord's Help

1 How long will you forget me Lord?

It seems like You are ignoring me

But I know You would not do that.

2 Anxious thoughts and concerns fill my mind some days

My heart aches at night as I wrestle with sadness

Missing that sweet sense of Your Presence.

It seems my enemies have gained an influence

On my soul, causing me to doubt Your Nature.

3 Consider me I pray and restore my strength in You

Make my eyes sparkle again – I shall live and not die.

4 No, my enemies will not have satisfaction

Saying we have defeated him/her

I refuse to be shaken.

5 I shall Trust in Your Gracious Love

And this will turn out for my deliverance

With a fervent testimony of Your Goodness.

Yes I shall Rejoice again with Newness of Life.

6 I shall live to sing songs of gladness and mirth

For you will show Your unfailing Goodness to me

My Faithful Triumphant One

My Hope is Anchored in You!

Janet Vargas © 2022

Psalm 29

Courage In Times Of Stress

1. Ascribe to The Lord, Sons of the Almighty

His Glory, Majesty and Strength, His Pre-eminence.

2. Give to Him His rightful place

Yes worship Adonai with your Love, Words and Deeds.

This is truly giving Him glory that is due to His Name

Clothing ourselves in Righteousness and the Beauty of Holiness

He has freely imputed to us and living in harmony with

His Wonderful Grace.

3. The Voice of The Lord Echos over Oceans

4. Yay the splendid Voice of His Majestic Presence is over

the rolling waves of Oceans and gushing streams of Waterfalls.

5. So mighty, it can break the mighty Cedars of Lebanon

6. yet He makes the Mountains of Lebanon leap like a calf.

So powerful is His Love, so Gracious is He!

7. The Voice of The Lord is like lightening flashing across the sky

8. it can shake a desert or strip a forest bare of leaves.

This is your Mighty God who defends you

the One who made Heaven and Earth

yet He only has to whisper – Gracious is He.

9. The One who makes the deer to give birth

And in His temple everyone says, “Glory!”

they give shouts of Praise and Exaltation.

10. For He rules as King over floods and circumstances

God of Might, Salvation and Grace

He is sure to Defend you and bring Vindication.

Yay The Lord knows His Own and Strengthens them.

Forsake not Courage, pray to your Lord, Adonai

Marvel of the Ages, He is my Rock, my fortitude

I have only to steady my eyes on Him.

11. He gives Strength and Grace, He gives Comfort

be of Good Cheer my soul.

He said to do this and surely there is a Reward

says the Ancient of Days.

He gives me Cheer and blesses me with Peace.

Janet Vargas © 2021

Psalm 31

Surely The Lord Will Save Me

1. In You Adonai, I do take Refuge

Spare me from faltering steps when I am overwhelmed

Those thoughts that say, can I really trust You

that’s what our enemies are after, for they wish your discredit.

2. You turn Your ear to me when I pray

You like me to grow in Trust and character

For I am a child of the Almighty.

3. For Your Name’s sake, You will lead and guide me.

Help me to quiet my thoughts in times of uncertainty

and remember You are my Resting Place.

4. Help me avoid the subtle lurks of my enemies.

Give me clear Vision to spot them and keep my eyes on You.

They rely on their wits, those deceitful foes

but I trust in Your Name, my Strong High Tower

I can Come to for Refuge.

5. You are my Rock, my Strength and Redeemer

In You, I can commit, my soul, my spirit, my circumstances.

6. I have no friendship with those who love

the vanities of the world or foreign gods.

7. I choose to Celebrate my King of Kings

You are worthy of my Trust and devotion

Matchless in Your Majesty yet having profound Grace.

Your Kindness stirs my innermost being – I love You.

13. When they counsel together to trip me up

My Trust is stayed in Your ability to bring me through

if they catch me off guard.

Let me remain steadfast, not easily moved.

14. I say “You are my God, my Redeemer”

You are worthy of my Trust because You delight in me.

15. My times are in Your Hands, intervene when

my enemies are chasing me.

Put them to shame and cleanse me of dross

those questions and doubts that seek to take up residence

and infiltrate my thought patterns when I’m off-guard.

16. You make Your Face to Shine on me

And bring me into a place of blessings.

17. Yes Save me and let me not be ashamed

You know my frame.

Let me keep pace in the Race that has its Rewards

for those who Trust in Your Loving Kindness.

18. Yes silence their lies and schemes, oh Righteous One

19. And remind me “how great is Your Goodness

You have stored up for me”

and show me increments I pray, refreshing my soul when faint.

20. You protect those who activate their Trust in You

Sheltering them from the schemes of the wicked.

Yes You hide me in the Secret Place of Your Presence.

21. You show Your Wonderful Love to us in hard times

our Creator who can be trusted.

You hear my requests for help in time of need

Jesus said do pray, so You can answer our prayers.

22. In times of distress, look to Him

Guarding your heart from fear and distrust.

23. Love The Lord, you who belong to Him

and gird yourself in faithfulness.

24. Be resolute and He will strengthen you

Yes, He shall fortify your heart.

I have decided to be one of those Faithful ones

whoever keep their thoughts on Him

Truly He’s my Strength and Stay.

Janet Vargas © 2021

Copyright Notice:  A Very Strict Copyright  Applies To These. Protective Measures Have Been Taken.

It's Good To Practice The Fear Of The Lord.

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