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Personal Translation Of Psalms





Please appreciate a very strict Copyright applies!

Psalm 1:1-6

Godliness Is True Happiness

And Leads To Everlasting Joy!

1 Oh, the joys of the Righteous. Yes Happy and Blessed are those

who do not take the advice of the wicked or follow the example of sinners or

keep company with those who have no time for God.

They do not allow evil to impact or determine their behavior.


2 They love to take pleasure in the Ways of Adonai

their hearts delight in His Words day and night.

3 This makes them like trees planted by flowing streams

that produce fruit at the right times

their leaves do not fade

and they fair well with The Lord's Blessings.

4 The wicked are not so, they are like the chaff

which the wind drives away.

5 for they will not stand in the judgment

or sinners among the righteous -

they will have no place with them.

6 The Lord watches over the path of the godly,

but the path of the wicked leads to destruction.

(The second death in the NT)

For The Lord knows the way of righteous people,

but the way of wicked people will perish.

Janet Vargas © 2020

Psalm 15:1-5

To Rest In Your Presence

1. ADONAI, who can Rest in Your Presence?

(here and now)

Who can live on your Holy Mountain?

(when their time comes)

2. Those who live a blameless life,

and behave uprightly,

who acknowledge and speak truth from their hearts.

3. They do not gossip and make slanderous remarks

or harm their neighbours

or speak evil about their friends.

4. They despise what is evil

and honour those who fear The Lord;

They keep their Vows to Him, whatever the cost;

5. they do not charge the poor interest when they lend.

They do not take Bribes to damage the innocent

but refuse such practice.

Those who live this way will not be shaken.

(The Lord is on their side)

These are those He promises His Shalom to.

(peace and wholeness)

Janet Vargas © 2020

Psalm 119:1-8

Happy Are The Diligent

Who Walk In Purity Of Heart

1 Blessed by The Lord are the blameless. They walk circumspect

for their hearts are in tune with Him. They respond favourably to His Words,

acting on them accordingly. Yes they are the Pure in Heart.

2 Happy are those who keep The Lord's instructions –

they shall be Blessed and favoured by Him.

3 Those who observe His Ways and Seek Him wholeheartedly –

they do no wrong because they follow in His footsteps. Yes they have Joy.

4 for He counsels us to follow His Words carefully. Privileges are for

the diligent.

5 I wish to always be faithful, reflecting and acting on Your Words

6 Then I will never be ashamed when I consider them.

7 This shall be my thanks to You, respecting Your Perfect Laws.

8 And You will never leave me. Faithful God.

I will try to live worthy of that.

Yes Your Word Is a Lamp to My Feet. 

Janet Vargas © 2020

Paraphrased Application

Psalm 119:34-57

Rest When Distressed

34. Holy Spirit, give me Understanding and cause me to search for Insight

that Your Ways really are the best – I will trouble myself less and gain some victories

as I put Your Ways into practice with diligence, there will be a whole less room for troublesome thoughts 

and this will make You proud of me.

35. Help me to take the way of Your commandments each day and delight in the

Blessing and Strength they will bring to my soul. Yes, they will bring Blessing and Joy and Comfort

for therein I will find Peace. You will satisfy me with Gladness of Heart as I make Your Ways my ways

and become wiser than my foes. Yeah I will exchange distress and be blessed!

36. Cause me to walk in the Way with You for that is where true happiness is found.

My way brings fleeting pleasures that do not last, for we live in a world of temporary comforts.

It’s good to Trust in You – Your Presence is my Treasure.

37. Give me a distaste for worthless things that distract or consume my time.

Cause me to like things that are pleasing to you and keep them in balance.

For You are Coming Soon and I wish to bring pleasure to You.

38. Then I shall walk in the reassurance of your promise,

Made to those who fear you.

39. Your wonderful teachings protect me, keeping my thoughts away

from the taunts of the wicked, they seek only an audience to catch me off guard

so I miss Your Best for my day or my week. I shall not be dismayed with lies

as I anchor my Trust in You. Through confidence in You I can dismantle those tactics

and leap over walls, the fortresses they trust in.

40. I love to please You – Refresh and Renew me my Righteous One

Faithful and True – come stand by me, giving me the courage to follow through.

Yes Renew my life with Your Goodness.

41. I shall see Your Unfailing Love – let Your favour Rest on me.

Your loving-kindnesses come to me – Your Salvation according to Promise.

42. Then I can overthrow the reproach of the wicked –

they only want me to distrust Your Word.

43. Do not let me forget Your truthful testimonies as I engage my trust in You..

Let them be the subject of my focus, giving me strength and fortitude.

Yes gird me with Truth I pray and joyful expectations.

44. I will keep responding to Your Words day by day until they become part of me.

45. And I shall walk in the Freedom You promised me, there is Victory for the faint.

This is my hope, my trust.

47. Yes I shall delight in Your Commandments – they have my best interest at heart,

Freeing me in the present and preparing me for Your Coming.

48. That’s why I love and meditate on them, the passion of my soul.

54. Your Words have been the themes of my songs wherever I have lived.

55. Each night I think about You and remember Your Name.

Your Presence Is ever near – feelings are fickle but Your Words Cheer.

Do not be dismayed my soul, steady your eyes on Him

In this way you Win.

56. Blessings shall displace my concerns as I respond to Your guiding principles.

I shall make it my personal responsibility to trust and keep them.

You will always meet me half way – You are my Strength and Stay.

57. Adonai, You’re Mine And I Love You!

Janet Vargas © 2020

Copyright Notice: A Very Strict Copyright Applies To These. Protective Measures Have Been Taken.

It's Good To Practice The Fear Of The Lord.

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