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Inspired In Christ

To Brighten Our Thoughts

Choose your moods and thoughts

don't let cloudy thinking dominate.

Give it a miss and think of something nice

you may be pleasantly surprised.

Leave it not late to venture out your gate

walking is great, try some for your health's sake.

It gives you energy and creates happy thoughts

peace like this cannot be sold or bought.

There's something about fresh air and peace that go together

we can have peaceful thoughts without measure.

If we shake things off and step out our door

sunny moments, let's have more.

There's something about sunshine that enters deep within

it makes windows in our soul and small victories to win

So next time something upsets you

and makes you feel blue

simply come out walking, that's what you should do.

It gives you a slice of life

it lessons cloudy thoughts and strife

this is no lie, give it a try.

When you're feeling bleak and peace you seek

this is a way you can find release.

Janet Vargas © May 2019

Choose Life Over Sedentary

(Modify Technology)

Energy and happiness go together

to those who find, it becomes a treasure.

Sedentary lifestyle sets sets us up for feeling blue

reasons for living is what we should choose.

If we would find life, we need to open up to the light

just like the flowers do

thoughts change from old to new.

Long hours of sitting can break our back

they also cause us joy to lack.

Energy brings us to a new level

it also helps our thoughts to settle.

The saying we must spend energy to find energy proves true

this is the best for me and you.

Incorporate some activities into your day

life becomes more inviting this way.

All that technology, give it a break

yes give it a miss for happiness sake.

It's alright in it's place but beckons for more

more and more space and room for more.

That's no way to energize

and leaves no element of surprise.

It quenches our sense of venture

moments to treasure.

It can stifle our sense of creativity

and house those thoughts of negativity.

When we break that cycle, it makes us smile

come out in the sunshine for a while.

Make friends with nature

your peace will be greater.

Bring some activity into your home

look for ideas, let seeds be sown.

Seeds of life to brighten your interests

the power of choice, we must not conceal it.

But let it free so it can breathe

when practiced often, life we will see.

Yes there's more to life than technology and sitting down

things we can do that lesson frowns.

Let yourself be reintroduced to life

this will make you happier and lift your sights.

Janet Vargas © May 2019

Making My Choices Now

Some friends have really blessed me

Some others have caused me grief.

I’m calling the cards now so they can’t play hide and seek.

Yes some have brought me joy and some have brought me pain.

Until I saw the light, I’m precious in God’s eyes.

Most times they just thought of themselves

And left me on a shelf.

I don’t care if they make it or not

Now I have confidence, lots.

If they don’t get their act together

Jesus give me friends in good measure

To the ones I had who made me feel bad.

I’ve seen the Enemy’s ploys

For taking away my joy.

I’m so much wiser now

I’ve taken to the trowel

Weeding those who are lax

I’m giving them the sack.

If they don’t choose to be better

I’m still His Treasure.

Yes I am confident Now!

Janet Vargas © March 2020

You Will Be Happier and Healthier

Don’t live by your friends choices. Make some of your own and stay

with those who make you feel good. Life’s too short for spending it

with the wrong people. Come against friendships that are lax and

teach them not to be slack. Maybe see them less often and answer

their texts less or wait before you respond. Human nature being

what it is, they may respect you more. 

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