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Bible Translations

Here you will find some Helpful Resources!



HI THERE, here is an interesting glance for you!

There are 25 Sub-Pages in this Menu

with a 'Multi -Translations' page for any Bible Verse of your choice


 Index Chart Pages with Books and Chapter Nbs for 20+ Individual Translations like:


RSV Revised Standard Version, NASB New American Standard Bible, NIV New International Version.

MSG The Message Bible, JB Phillips New Testament, HCSB Holman Christian Standard Bible,

NLT New Living Translation, TLV Tree of Life Version, NLV New Life Version,

New Testament For Everyone, NET New English Version,

VOICE The Voice Bible Version, NIRV New International Readers Version, NCV New Centuary Version,

Disciples Literal New Testament, ERV Easy-to-Read Version, 

 BBE Bible In Basic English, GW GOD’S WORD Translation and More





Important Announcement

It you're wondering why King James Bible is not included in the above List, there is a Page called

Why Not King James? 

In the Sub-Pages of the Menu. It will give you access to an Article

I've put together called: 

Things You Did Not Know About KJ Bible!

I've made some discoveries regarding the authenticity of the King James Version

and I think you will be surprised as me, at the credible Information I found.

Have any doubts? Take the challenge and See for yourself.


KJ Bible, Lets Deal With This Sacred Cow, A Call To Commonsense!

There is a Page with Two Videos about why the popular

PASSION TRANSLATION is not found on this Web Menu.

Most of us are not aware of the Author's true intentions and affiliations.

A really capable Christian Theologian was asked to look at this Version.

His discoveries in those pages and Claims Made were quite astounding.

All Christians should be aware of the True Facts involved.

Sorry to inform you.


THE MIRROR BIBLE Study New Testament is one Item

I am making efforts to facilitate ACCESS to on Inspired In Christ

along with other Versions that are present in this Menu.

The Author is highly skilled in the Original Greek Texts of the New Testament.

And his knowledge adept in correcting Some Errors made in

most Bible Versions - believe it or not.

Sad To Say, GOD's WORD Is Infallible, Translators Are Not.


Discovery Bible Software

Until now if you wanted to discover the emphasis of Scripture you would need to learn Greek and Hebrew. But no longer. The Discovery Bible

 software overlays the emphasis of the sacred original text of Scripture on top of existing translations. Now anyone can read the emphasis of Scripture 

without having to learn Hebrew or Greek. We’ve done the long, hard work and would love to share it with you.


Berean Study Bible  New Testament

Download HERE


Philippians 3  Berean NT 

(PAUL) Hebrew of Hebrews, according to [the]

law [I am a] Pharisee, 6 concerning zeal: persecuting the assembly c, concerning justness

in the law: having become blameless. But what [things] were gain to me, these [things]

I reckon loss on account of Christ. 8 But indeed I truly reckon everything to be a loss d on

account of the surpassingness of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, on account of

whom I lost everything, and reckon it [all] loss in order that I gain Christ, 9 and be found in Him.


FAITHFUL New Testament

Download HERE


Colossians 1 Faithful New Testament

9 Because of this we cease not to be praying for you and asking d so that you be

filled [with] the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, 10 to walk

worthy of the Lord in all desire-to-please in every good work, bearing fruit and increasing

in the knowledge of God, 11 in all strength being strengthened according to the Power of His

glory for all endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks 12 to the Father.


New Jerusalem Bible

Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians

Download HERE


Ephesians 1 New Jerusalem Bible

9 He has let us know the mystery of His purpose, according to His good pleasure which He determined 

beforehand in Christ, 10 for Him to act upon when the times had run their course: 

that He would bring everything together under Christ, as head, everything in the heavens and everything on earth. 

11 And it is in Him that we have received our heritage, marked out beforehand as we were, under the plan 

of the One who guides all things as He decides by His own Will.

What My Readers Are Saying

For me, it's really good to see the different Bible Translations on your website. They show you that the Bible is definitely true because all these translations have the same meaning - old and new - it's really great!

Tracy from Jamaica

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