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   Inspired In Christ

Janet's Websites

For those who would like to visit good quality Christian Websites, I have placed Links to my other Websites from 2012 - 2018. You will Enjoy many of my Poems,

I write (In His Presence) mostly from 2012 - 2014, similar to Helen Steiner Rice........You can read my testimony on the About Me page if you like

to do so. As you can see, Jesus also has gifted me with making multiple Websites and two eCard websites. I purchased the software (program) for

 eCard Websites listed on this Page. They offer Free beautiful eCards you can select Audios for etc

JESUS HOPE OF HEAVEN is my favorite Website, previous to this one, for those who have lost Loved Ones in The Lord - the whole website is designed

specially for Christians for a better experience on the Net when missing those you love. Short descriptions of these Websites are on this Page.

Happy to say NONE of my Websites have pesky Google Ads OR Email Campaigns. How good is that?


original (28).jpg

Inspirations for You

An Inspirational website with a beautiful pink design. There are lots of pleasant Poems just like Helen Steiner Rice Delightful Photos of Flowers and Nature – Peaceful and Melodic Audios Seven Pages of thoughtful Quotes and Sayings   

original (29).jpg

Inspirations for Christians

Similar to Inspirations for You, but there are many Poems by other Christians in addition to those I have written

 in His Presence. There is also Light and Depth in my choice of Poems in this website - some are meaningful.

original (30).jpg

Jesus: Hope of Heaven

This website is a "one of a kind" remembrance of Love Ones website designed specially for Christians - 

everything is pleasant and beautiful - do see - You will be glad you did!

original (31).jpg

Janet and Jesus

A Christian Website with the prettiest web-design There are lots of pretty flower pictures – really exquisite! Lots of Poems to bless your heart and feed your spirit. Unique Theme Pages. If you love Jesus, you will be thoroughly blessed!   

original (31).jpg

In Jesus Free - Blog

A Website that is committed to making Christians Free from Religious and Churchy mindsets that

 distract us from our true Identity and Freedom in JESUS and what this is all about.

Called To Be Free

The new website for Called To Be Free. Many of you loved the previous website.

It has a facelift and I am transferring  content over.

original (18).png

Janets WebCards

This is another eCard website with 900+ Pictures and Lots of Emoticons

and Blinkies. All Cards are Free. Many love this program!

original (34).jpg

Janets eCard Inspirations

This is also a "one of a kind" eCard website designed specially for Christians, to keep

in touch and bless someone's day. All Cards are Free!

True To Jesus

For those who like to develop Christlike Character and those who need to.

Also, in these Last Days,we need to be Aware of certain things.

original (36).jpg

Life In Eternity

A website that speaks of the importance of spending Eternity with Jesus

and also presenting astonishing Bible Proofs we can trust in. YES

original (37).jpg

Happy Ways To Give

I've had some wonderful experiences giving some interesting and useful Gifts

overseas - so exciting to give and so affordable too. Come and See!

original (38).jpg

Health And Inspirations

This website is two-fold, blending Natural Health with some Inspirations and

Interests like Tasty Recipes and Beautiful Pictures and Cute Videos!

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