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Inspired In Christ

Christian Music Videos

There are some wonderful Items in these Music Video Pages -

some really Genuine Worship and Contemporary Hymns.

Anyone who loves The Lord is sure to love them!

Much of the CDs and MP3s  I  have seen in Christian Stores and Websites,

I do not classify as Christian Music, it's just like secular stuff in the world.

And quite honestly, I think they are basically music artists "using God's House

as a market place" The Lord spoke very strongly about that type of thing.

(Mark 11:15,16)

And we should not be making Services a place for Entertainment either,

much less like discotheques. It's shameful - they have no shame

or respect for God

Who are they kidding? Not The Lord

"His eyes run to and fro across the Earth to see those who are wise

to Seek after Him and whose Hearts are Right towards Him."

Sad to say, when Jesus Comes, He will say "I don't know you - you're just a 

bunch of gate crashers, you partied in My House and made it a den of thieves -

depart from Me, away, away!"

So I would not call the Videos I have here 'modern' in that sense but I could refer 

to them as contemporary because they are being currently presented

and they are Godly Contemporary.

They are not 'entertainers' they are worshippers

they sing and they play beautifully

and they love the King of Kings.

I personally love these Videos because they are so full of the


Hulleluyah, don't you love The Lord?


He helped me find these for this website

to share with you.

The following Links are also in this Menu

Hymns Old and New

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Life Cares and Blessings

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You are welcome to visit these Pages as often as you like

and Enjoy them!

Mark 11:15,16

When they arrived in Jerusalem, Jesus entered the temple courts and began to drive out those who were buying and selling there.

He overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those selling doves.

  He would not allow anyone to carry merchandise through the temple courts.

Can you tell me how different it is for Christian Stores to be selling Worldly Type DVDs CDs as "Christian Praise and Worship" Songs?

Thoughts from Josh-Neal Taylor

"Why I don't respect the new type of gospel music (modern) is because of principle.

I was raised with hymns and to really love Jesus. While I respect music, it's just work to those artists

and as if they are almost lying because they don't live it - they just sing songs because it's a way to make money.

They treat gospel music like a market. They understand there's a demand for it, so they are just catering for a demand

- they don't really believe in it and they don't even like it because by their actions, they are showing that

they don't really love Jesus - they sound no different to the world."

And that, my friends, is as prophetic as it gets!

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