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Beauty Of Creation

Bubbling brooks and flowing streams

Waterfalls and rivers

Flowing like a sanctuary

Showers of His Grace

Reflecting His Glory

Janet Vargas ©

Sun Blessed Morning

The sun does spill on every flower

the nectar and the dew

On this a blessed morning

created for me and you.

I’m resting here on my rocking chair

basking in the nice warm air

This is a morning of pure delight

I’m precious in His sight.

Janet Vargas ©

Waiting For Spring

In the springtime you’ll be fine

In the meantime I wish you some sunshine

Springtime is a time for smiles

A time when you could just walk for miles

Cheery birds sing their melodies

Flowers are budding like symphonies.

Janet Vargas ©

Nature’s Creator

The sun heralds the day

and sheds light on this earth

Each day is like a rebirth.

Those bright sun rays

shine over the hills

and on the glistening sea.

It shines on us when we are still

and through the leaves of the trees.

Janet Vargas ©

Our Creator’s Special Touch

To smell a rose in sweet repose

And in in fragrance delight

To walk along those shorelines

And touch a gentle leaf.

The sweetness of a baby’s breath

And those bubbly feet.

Of luscious fruit to have a taste

And feel the nice fresh air.

To hug my comfy pillow

To have a nice sunny day.

Such blessings from a Wonderful Maker

Who made earth and sky.

Janet Vargas ©

Glorious Springtime

Blossoms, more blossoms

As far as I see

That’s what springtime is to me.

As the breeze caresses

My flowing tresses

gently through the trees.

“Oh where are my blossoms

My beautiful blossoms”

They have given way to leaves

That protect the buds in summer

Then fruit I can see.

For my Maker, this matchless Creator

Said seasons there would be__

Oh what wisdom, what manifold wisdom

And just to think that He even made me.

I sit and ponder such glorious things

The treasures He has in store.

Janet Vargas ©

God’s Cute Little Creatures

He made the butterflies and bees

They fly in the air and look so free

Willy-wags and sparrows and tropical fish

Little turtles that walk on a dish.

He even made the lady-birds

Those cute little bugs that look like birds.

When you see them in the garden

You feel so blessed and take a rest.

Janet Vargas ©

Sweet Little Bird

In my garden, my nature garden

My companion waits for me

This little bird, this sweet little bird

He frolics in the air__

Then gently rests on me.

He plays in the birdbath

And flutters and splashes

Then suddenly dashes away__

‘Till the next day when he greets me again

Yes, truly this is my friend.

Janet Vargas ©

Colors Of A Rainbow

Pretty colors in the sky

the colors of a rainbow

On us His Grace, He did bestow

a blessing for you and I

For we are blessed each time we see

our hearts are filled with glee

Those pretty colors in the sky

a token of Love from Above

Janet Vargas ©

God In Creation

The Melodic Hills speak of His Praise

the birds are singing Salvation's Song

The Rivers so clear a Reflection of Him

The Skies His Glory Displayed.

The Trees are speaking of His Righteousness

His Beauty is shown in every Rose

The Skies revealing His Majesty

The warmth of the Sun His Compassion

and Love.

The Rainbow His Grace on every Face

and His Joy, Pure Joy is Raining on me

They all testify of His Excellent Ways

they speak of Him every day.

Janet Vargas ©

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