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Inspired In Christ


Don’t take time to entertain thoughts of doubt

give them a clout

Nip negative thoughts in the bud

in this way you can run

towards your God.

Let your feet be shod

with the Gospel of Peace

that brings comfort and release.

Gospel is Good News, that’s your Good Report

the one that brings comfort and release

so your thoughts are at ease.

Keep yielded and still to the sound of His Voice

with singleness of heart, yes this is a choice.

With God you win

over thoughts that make your light dim

Unite your heart and worship Him.

He will cause the sun not to go down

or He will cause you to cross over on dry ground

He is not short of answers, so don’t let yourself frown.

He’s the God of Peace, His Presence seek

He’s the God of Peace, oh let your heart leap.

Sing songs of Praise, His Anthem raise.

Rejoice, Rejoice, yes lift your voice

The Ancient of Days is on your side

fill your heart with worship, in Him abide.

Janet Vargas © Dec 2015

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