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Personal Translation

1 You have been raised up with Christ and become His own. Rejoice in this New Life, seeking those things which are above. 2 Don’t fill your mind with things of Earth but set your affections on Christ. Neither let the events or distractions of the world disturb you but rather, keep focussing on your Hope in Heaven.

3 Your old self has died and your New Life is hid with Christ in God.

4 When He appears, you will be with Him. 5 Having this Hope, you must refrain from sinful desires and not let your feelings get out of control. Show some restraint, in devotion to Christ, towards passion, lust and greed. These things upset Him. 6 Yes His righteous anger will be revealed to the ungrateful and disobedient. 7 You used to live that kind of life – He expects better of you now.

8 Also forsake things like anger, quick temper, slander and greed. Put these out of your life.

Worship God In Your thoughts and actions.

9 Don’t lie to each-other, you are called out of those things.

10 You have been given a New Nature – live as the New Person you are called to be, continually renewed in your mind to be like your Creator. Make it your desire to become more and more like Him.

11 Have this outlook towards each-other, it makes no difference what your background or position is, Christ is all that matters, and He is in all of you.

12 Yes, God has Called you and made you His own. Because He Loves you so much and has given you this New Life, show His Mercy and Kindness towards each-other. Be humble and gentle, caring and patient. 13 Refrain from anger and show forgiveness, because you are freely forgiven in Christ.

14 Above all, be loving and let His Peace reign in your hearts – this makes for harmony. 15 Each of you are called to live in Peace and be members of One Body, so live this with thankfulness. 16 Purpose to daily let the Words of Jesus live in you richly. 16 Treasure Him together, share good things and correct each-other wisely, singing songs of Joy and praise from a loving heart. 17 Everything you say and do should please The Lord, giving thanks to the Father and Son.

© JV March 2021


Poetic Translations

1 Seeing you have been Raised to Life with Jesus, seek Him and focus on heavenly things, 2 don’t let yourselves be taken in by the worldly pleasures. Keep looking up and don’t wear a frown. 3 You have exchanged your old life for a New Life, one that’s hidden in Christ. 4 One day in the not too distant future, He will take you to be with Him when He Comes.

5 So put away from you evil desires, passion and greed if you want to be blessed with the Morning Sun.

6 Because of those sins, His anger is Coming, so try to make sure your journey is run. How can you live in your previous way of life, since Jesus has Saved you from ways of strife – rage and anger, passion and greed? Try to consider those in need.

8 Be sure of this, He brings recompense, so live free from sinful ways so you won’t relent. 9 Don’t tell lies to your Sisters and Brothers, Jesus loves them like no other. This should matter in your words and actions. Shed the old life, not just a fraction. 10 Live in your New Nature, your Peace will be greater. This way your mind is in Christ renewed. Lesser for less or more for more. Do this from your heart, don’t make it a chore.

11 Don’t show favouritism, and be happy whatever you are, Jew or Gentile, slave or free – you’re all special to God. 12 Wait for each-other and consider others’ interests, not just your own. Showing kindness and compassion, 13 forgiveness and grace because Jesus forgave you.

14 Above all these things, walk in love that makes for togetherness and harmony. 15 We are all Called to Oneness. And live with thankful hearts. 16 Encourage each-other in the ways of The Lord, singing spiritual songs to Him. 17 And always live in a manner that brings honour to Him.

© JV March 2021

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