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Audio Bible 


I found a great website called Bible.Com it has Bible Translations of Every Language in the World

in Reading Format (digital) and some are in Audio (voice recordings).

Some of these sound really good. You can hear a whole chapter at a time.

Copyright permission has been given to Bible.Com and on the Sub-Pages of this Menu

I am giving you access to some of their resources - a Page will come up

that gives you both Reading and Audio options.

How good is that? I can do this with the new Site Builder I am using from the USA.

Bible Translations I have for you you are:

New Living Bible

New American Standard Bible

New International Version

Holman Christian Standard

The Message Bible

Christian Standard Bible

Good News (USA) Bible

Lexham English Bible Audio NT by Logos 2010

Modern Greek Bible – Ελληνικά

Koine Greek - Ελληνιστική Κοινή

Modern Hebrew New Testament – עברית

Italian Bible – Italiano

French Bible Français 2017

Chinese 和合本修订版 (RCUVSS)

German - Delut-Luther Bibel

Russian – Русский Современный

Dutch Bible Nederlands

Hungarian Bible - Magyar 2014

Swedish Svenska Folkbibeln 98

Macedonian Bible – Македонски


You will find more versions for Reading in the

New Bible Versions (for english) and INTL Bible Versions (for international)

It is great to have so many languages available, hey?

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