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Inspired In Christ

Self-Serving Preachers

Some Preachers Serve God, Some Preachers Serve Themselves.

Self-Serving Preachers: Who Needs Them? Not Jesus!

Give them their walking papers and say “I don’t need You”

You do this best by your absence – it’s OK to leave

Jesus will be waiting the other side of that door to Welcome You

and Walk with You – He is your TRUE SHEPHERD.

Seriously, why do you continue to FEED their Pockets and their EGO!?

Jesus calls them Hirelings NOT Shepherds –

In Reality

They are Not Feeding You – YOU are Feeding Them.

This must STOP – Christians need Discernment.

They’ve brain washed you with their “don’t judge, don’t judge” words.

Effectively, they do not want you to judge them.

YES, Jesus did say “Judge not and you won’t be judged” Mt 7:1-5

Some ministers play on that.

Jesus also said He does not want you to be lacking in Discernment.

Paul went on to say “the spiritual man judges all things”

So we are speaking about two types of judging here in Scripture.

The first one is actually referring to “Hypocrisy” and Self-Righteouness, not so much

about Judging when you read the Verse in it’s Context. We must do that with Scriptures!

The type of teaching some Christians have about judging is Over-Simplified.

Spiritually speaking, they are saying don’t practice judgment in anything,

leave all that to us. And that’s precisely why it is wrong.

Pastors and Teachers should be training you to “Practice Good Judgement”

If they don’t, that is negligent – it’s leaving you open to all kinds of things in this generation.

Please do learn to Exercise your Spiritual Senses.

That’s HEALTHY, the other is Not. Let’s GROW in God.

As discerning Christians, we must keep in mind, that the “Don’t Judge”message

is sometimes the tactics of – or convenient at-least – to Hirelings.

They hide behind that (they won’t judge me, they won’t know any better).

Mark these words, this is Exactly what JESUS and PAUL want you to do,

to see through it all, guard your FAITH which is Holy

and Walk CLOSE to The Lord with All your Heart, Mind and Will –

No room for Hirelings, they will make your spirit and pocket dry.

Do not allow this, He has given you His Word to show you.

Don’t be so accepting of ALL “ministries” that’s terribly naïve.

Especially in this Day and AGE.

It makes Jesus Sad.

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