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Inspired In Christ

What My Readers Are saying

Many thanks to those who make comments, not many

care to do this on websites. This can be disheartening at times

when there's no participation.

Clicking on your website, these pictures are really great on the Nature Picture pages - the works of my Creator, I love it - I really enjoyed visiting here!

Tracey from Jamaica

The videos on this website make a good representation of what true worship is about in different ways. Each one expressing their love for Jesus. I love the International flavor!

Tanisha from Jamaica

I like the way you designed this page, it's eye catching and easy to read. If I want to read some scriptures for encouragement and motivation, I can come and read pages like this. (We find Peace this Way - Scriptures Etc)

Sandy from Philippines

This is so uplifting. This is a one stop website if you want to connect closer to God. 

Some songs and poems and pictures, worship videos, Bible translations and more. I just love what you've done with this website Janet!

Teresa from Jamaica

I really like Absolute Beauty and Grace. The pictures show not only nature but God's input into nature. It also shows some inspirational verses that are needed for daily living. I loved the other pages in this menu also!

Amoy from Jamaica

Thank you Janet, I really like the picture verses! I can go to some of them on my mobile on a work break or a busy day for refreshment and to other pages of this website in the evenings when I'm relaxed.

Rebecca from Australia

I've really enjoyed the diversity of pages on this website - you have been really busy to provide so much - I've never seen so many Bible Translations. Love the Song Videos. I will be sure to keep coming here and let my friends know. God bless.

Debbie from USA

Many of us find ourselves in a situation where we do not want to be at home because our home is where something causing discomfort exists. Accessing a website like this, allows you to get back some peace, so you can experience blessing and function better at home, spiritually and naturally, because of God's Goodness here.

Uwana from Jamaica

Thank you Janet, we found your new pages Living in Victory! You have given us simple ways of strengthening our walk together in Christ. We like your applications - it really is up to us isn't it? It shouldn't be so hard? We're coming back too!
Alice and David from USA

Once again Janet, this is a beautiful website and the way The Lord inspires you. As usual, you are using this Site Builder to it's fullest potential. Love the features here!

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