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Assess/Improve Your Walk

These are self-assessments we can prayerfully make.

I sought the Holy Spirit's assistance in the Content placed in this Web-Menu on Inspired In Christ.

These Pages are designed with Checklists whereby you can assess areas of your Walk with God.

We can think what does best apply.

Then we can see areas of our walk that are pleasing to The Lord and others we can improve on with the help of the gracious Holy Spirit and meditating on His Word each day or twice a week at-least. Sometimes we wonder why things are so difficult – even our Walk with God – when we look into His Word like a Mirror, it becomes part of us and our nature becomes more like His (His Nature is formed in us and strengthens our walk).

 We can stop for a while and ponder different things like these: Who is Jesus Mostly to Us? Who we Would Like Him to Be? 

And Which Facets Challenge us? 

Looking Closely at our Walk with Jesus and being Inspired.

These Checklists are also made with this in mind, we can visit this Page sometimes for Revision and see what

progress we have made each time we participate (myself included).

You may copy and paste these lists into a MS Word Document to keep with you if you like.

(A personal copy only - not for church groups)

That way we have a few certain things to work on with The Lord, so it isn’t a “fly through and forget” exercise, hey?

This Web-Menu is a New Concept on Inspired In Christ.

Please also spread the word about these pages.

A few Christians have really enjoyed them and are excited about this concept.

If you have a printed copy of the lists, you can tick the items that suit you

or rate them 1 to 5.

This way, you get to revise your progress in areas of your interest or dedication.

So these Lists are for the purpose of interacting with The Lord.


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