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   Janet Vargas

I grew up in a little township in surroundings of beach, hills and country and have lived on a Beach Front not far from Adelaide South Australia. 

When I encountered JESUS at the age of 20, I experienced a new found expression in my life and personality_ I could communicate quite freely, and had so much peace and joy in my heart. People noticed the change... one of vitality and friendliness........ some of these were neighbors of different religions, and the JWs could not compete with this reality ......... they stopped coming to our door......... something I wished for as my mum was so tolerant.  At that time I was given the most beautiful gift of songs...and my voice became fuller and free. I've kept these songs just for Jesus rather than spread them - most songs get thrashed and dispensed of when you do that.

At one time I experienced a remarkable healing from severe allergies I had

and also two family members I asked Jesus to heal.........this was after simple spontaneous faith untaught......other answers to prayer....and two young women whose lives were changed from traumatic to joyful and victorious (on different occasions) when their hearts were drawn to the Love of Jesus through me - I had not met them before.

I had some good experiences when I attended Preaching-Praise services for some years but looking back now_ my own expression of vitality, candor..... simplicity and faith was quenched by the demands and expectations of those who preached and visiting was no longer my experience but their experience when it came to those things I have previously for the asking and living for ALL who desire. In about 2003 I left the church system as we know it, finding it institutional - for the most part.............the expectations and demands that crept in after a time of renewal that was there in the early 70's where the Presence of God was the main focus and the people communicated much more freely, socializing after-wards and sharing testimonies.

This may agree with some of you and some not. In 2003 I had desired to return to the simplicity and vitality I had in my early days with Jesus. And when a Prophetic Pastor said you should be out ministering anyway - I was resting at that time - and spoke to me rashly for asking him not to rush the 'breaking of bread'....I left the Church Scene as most know it and spent quality time with The Lord and informal fellowship with a few friends who are close to Jesus. It was at that time I revived my love for Nature, followed by an interest in Craft Cards and Greeting Cards. So I rested for quite sometime and found a good balance of Natural with Spiritual. At a later date, the Spirit of God led me in a different direction I had not been before in touching hearts and lives.

I am now the Owner of several Inspirational and Christian Web-Sites. 

Due to the Graces of JESUS__ I have been gifted in a special way to make Web-Sites - without prior knowledge - I have a user friendly Site Builder with good Web-Hosting. This story is radically different from the one I started out with previously with an intense desire to make a Web-Site and my every effort to find somewhere to learn how to fell through. Because the frustration of that did not quench the desire, I said "Maybe this desire is from You Lord.....if it is....I place it in Your Hands. You will know a Time and a way to bring it to fruition." In 2010 I made my first Web-Site and things went very smoothly..... everything came to me naturally. That was the first of several I made. Inspirations for You has been my favorite and the most commenced early in 2012. There's Pages with Pleasant Poems and Beautiful Pictures; Pages with Quotes and Sayings; Reflective Music and Inspirational Writings. Most of the work is mine except for the Pictures and Music.

So The Lord can do wonders when He calls you to do something and often it starts with a strong desire or one that grows on you. Whoever said it has to be something you don't like? I think that's a religious mind-set anyway that can affect Christians in such a way that hinders the purpose of God in their lives....and sometimes those around them.

Inspirational Web-Sites is very different to what I've been called to do previously. Actually, I've been in the prophetic 40 years.

So it's good not to limit or confine the Holy Spirit to one area or one type of calling. IT'S A NEW DAY and the Holy Spirit is doing NEW AND EXCITING THINGS! The Anointing does not belong to Pastors and Evangelists_ it belongs to the whosoever doing the whatsoever in His Kingdom with His Blessing on it. 

That includes many more of His children....a lot more. "Leaderships" may be taken and there's far too many anyway.... but what's to stop you from Creative Gifts and Lifestyle Evangelism with God's Acknowledgement? "where the Spirit of The Lord is there is Liberty".... ... the song says........ "where the Spirit of The Lord is there is Life" and it won't run you dry. We need "eyes to see and ears to hear" those things that The Lord is really saying - not the pastor and not the next person.

 What is He saying to you TODAY?

Blessed to be a Blessing!



I can see you are spreading the Gospel on your websites and you are being used by The Lord to spread the Word of God. I like all your websites and pray that He will continue to use you this way.
Benjamin from Philippines
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