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 Inspired In Christ

Lets Be Kind - So Simple

There are Plenty of Ways to be Kind

We will look to Scriptures to inspire us spiritually on this Page

And we will also look at many Practical Ideas for expressing Kindness

We are ALL Called to Be Kind.

For now, I encourage you to go to

Be Kind - Researched

This topic is so important, I am researching it more.

Scriptures give us counsel and revelation - Practical Ideas give us a means of showing God's Love to others.

Scripture speaks of Him as having LOVING KINDNESS

how would you like to find Ways of demonstrating this to your loved ones and those around you in daily life?

We make it so complicated, it's really quite simple, sometimes we look at Scriptures

and say "how do I do that?" This page will show you how.

It is not only reading His Words that shapes us into the Nature of Christ

it's the outworking. This will give you something to work with

and you will Enjoy the exercise.

Pretty soon - with practice - this virtue will become Part of You.

It's a good place to start practicing godly character

and like I said, it isn't complicated:)

I've experienced Christians who fail to be thankful, almost as if things are expected of us

rather than appreciation given. Learn to express your Thanks - especially when it comes

to God - don't just take for granted and be surprised that He didn't answer your prayers.

Sometimes it's because we're not thankful and pray amiss. JV

Let's all think of ways to show kindness to others and bring Light across their Path.

This is what truly being a Christian is all about - not just what we get out of it.

To truly benefit in our Christian walk is to Benefit Others -

not lethargic living or selfish pursuits. JV

COMING 24-25th May 2019


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