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Celebrate Jesus

“Mark 4:38”. By Bekki

My painting, in progress, titled “Mark 4:38” is a depiction of the cushion or pillow described in Mark 4:38 (which is the only gospel to mention the “cushion” that Jesus laid his head upon in the boat).  This painting is dedicated to my 40 year old Nephew Gabriel Michael Price, my sister Elizabeth and Michael’s only child who passed away on Nov. 15, 2017 as he waged a war against a rare cancer.  Gabe came to know the Lord as His savior.  I am painting this picture in dedication to him, and to remind all of us, that JESUS lives, Jesus IS the RISEN Lord, the redeemer, who we can be in personal relationship with.  Please read the eye witness account in the Bible verses of this said storm, having just taken place after Jesus miraculously fed 5000 people.  O we of little faith, Jesus says, blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.  Even though we do not see with our eyes (now) the Christ in the midst of the storm…He is there…He is with us always.  He told us He had to go, but that He would leave a ‘comforter’, the Holy Spirit, who would guide and protect, comforter and keep us safe “IN HIM”.  This painting ..this pillow…depicts for me….that comforter in the storm.  WE are not alone.  Trust.   In all things.  Trust.  You will see the Almighty hand of God.  Oh, yes you will.  Nov. 2017

Abby and Grandma

“Two a Tea”

beginning to try my hand in oil painting….still a work in progress, but thought I would post.  This is my Granddaughter Abby and I.  Nov. 2017

Wood stick carving by Bekki

Jesus King Lord Savior

Sometimes I carve ‘stir sticks’ for the campfire at the lake house.

Life Boat

Happy Birthday Jesus




Walking the Ridgepole of Faith

The Big Catch

The Big Catch

The Big Catch...framed and hanging under a coat rack I made.

The Big Catch…framed and hanging under a coat rack I made.

At the end of October 2016, I walked into an art classroom at the High School where I work to deliver a pass to a student.  I am a Student Supervisor (Hall Monitor). The class was watching a YOU TUBE video on “How to Sketch”.  I have always wanted to take an art class since Jr. High and learn to draw.  So that day I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought some art supplies and went home watched two 15 minute “You Tube” videos…and thus started my new found inspiration and gift from God.  Who would have thought at the age of 56 that I would start drawing….and enjoy it so much.  I am so blessed by my Lord…and such perfect timing.

“Out Foxed” By Bekki


Some oils I am working on:


A Large sketch above my sofa in Lake Geneva